• EEO Complaints

    All employers want a workplace that is safe and productive. Workplace disputes do arise however despite the employer's best intentions. Unresolved conflict can harm an organization by reducing morale and productivity. It can also lead to unwanted and expensive litigation.

    Our mission is to mitigate workplace conflict. We do this by promptly and thoroughly investigating the issues in dispute before they worsen.

  • Employee Misconduct

    Is your organization experiencing rule violations by employees such as attitude/behavior issues, threats against others, electronic use infractions, substance abuse, theft or vandalism?

    Employee conduct problems adversely affect the efficiency of the workplace. Where such problems are substantiated by a thorough investigation they can be lawfully addressed by appropriate discipline.

  • Workers' Compensation Claims

    We investigate workplace injury claims to help determine compensability and identify issues such as subrogation potential.

    Our workers' compensation reports thoroughly analyze the injury accident or cumulative trauma based on interviews with the injured worker, witnesses and supervisors, inspection of the accident scene or workstation and review of pertinent documents. We also obtain a comprehensive history of prior injuries and claims and assess their relevance to the instant claim.

Why Choose Maxwell & Associates?

  • Neutrality
    • Those affected by an internal investigation want to be treated fairly and expect investigatory conclusions to be untainted. To this end, Maxwell & Associates conducts its investigations in an unbiased manner so as not to be seen as favoring a particular individual or point of view.

  • Confidentiality
    • We hold all information gathered during the course of an investigation in strictest confidence.

  • Tactfulness
    • The delicate nature of workplace claims can make some witnesses hesitant to divulge information. To be successful, the investigator must have the ability to place witnesses at ease and, with sensitivity, explore the issues at hand. Our experienced investigators take this responsibility seriously and are able to come away with information critical to resolution of the case.

  • Reporting
    • Taken as a whole, our investigative approach forms the basis of our clear and informative reports. These reports identify the underlying issues, pertinent documents, the involved parties and their role in or knowledge of the complained of conduct. When requested, Findings are included which set forth our conclusions based on the preponderance of evidence.

  • Thoroughness
    • In our investigations accuracy and attention to detail are highly valued.

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